Group, Semi-Private, or Private Swim Classes: Which is best?

Group, Semi-Private, or Private Swim Classes: Which is best?

There’s much more to swimming lessons than learning water safety or practising the strokes. With every class your little one attends, they develop motor skills, coordination as well as social and cognitive ability. Now that you’re intrigued by the myriad of benefits that come along with swim classes, let's dive into the different advantages of group, semi-private, and private swimming classes. 

Group Classes:

More often than not, any kind of activity your child partakes in is always more fun with friends. The same goes for their swimming lessons. The social interaction that your child experiences is not only great for their social skills, but creates an engaging environment where they can encourage and be encouraged by their peers. Swimming in a group can fuel some healthy competition while encouraging students to learn from each other by observing each other’s strokes. Group classes are great for young swimmers who are learning to be independent in the pool.


Encasing the benefits of group classes but with fewer distractions, semi-private classes are great for younger  2 to 3-year-old children who require a parent to join in the classes with them. These classes allow your child to have a friend and a familiar face by their side to motivate them and keep the lesson fun. For young students, it may be recommended for parents to join in the first few classes to ensure your child feels comfortable enough with their coach. Semi-private classes are also a good solution for slightly older swimmers who need more attention and have trouble focusing but still want to enjoy the friendly competition with their peers.  


If your child is completely new to swimming or is afraid of water, private classes allow them to work on fundamental skills to build water confidence before transitioning into a semi-private or group class. Ideal for all ages from 6 months to 60 years old, private classes allow students to have 100% of their instructor’s attention at all times. This allows coaches to customise the lesson based on the student’s needs, skill level, and attention span without having to consider other students as compared to in a semi-private or group class. Private classes are also perfect for students who are looking to advance quickly or train professionally.

The Starting Block ensures that our class sizes are kept small (not more than 4 students in a class!) so that our swimmers get the attention they need from our coaches to maximize their learning, no matter the type of class they are in. Are you planning to enroll your child for swimming lessons? If you are still unsure what kind of classes they are best suited for, check with our coaches for a free* assessment and recommendation. Find out more about our classes here! 

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