How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Child

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Child

We've all been through it before, you buy a new swimsuit for your child only for it to wear out and fade after a few uses. The perfect swimwear can feel like love at first sight, but how do you sieve through the endless selection to find that one good one for your child?


From surfing waves to lounging in the sun, every swimwear is made different for different uses. The first step to finding a good swimwear is figuring out what your child will be doing when they’re in them. 

If your child is the adventurous type, doing more vigorous activities like surfing, diving or other water sports, a one-piece suit or a thicker, more fitting top can guarantee more security. Check out some ideal pieces like this TYR Long Sleeve Suit for boys or this NED Swim One-Piece for girls. However, if your kid is simply enjoying a splash in the pool, a two-piece set or a pair of swim shorts would do fine. 


When shopping for swimwear, it's essential for your kid to try them on first if possible because most of the time it looks different on the hanger than on their body. Look for one that rests on their skin snuggly without being too tight since swimsuits will loosen slightly when in the water. Most importantly, their suit should feel comfortable and make them feel confident without having to adjust it every other minute.


One of, if not the most important factor when choosing a swimwear, is its material. Most swimwear are made of nylon and elastane for it to stretch, but not give up its shape. Take note of how a swimsuit stretches, not too much and quickly returning to shape. Additionally, it would be ideal to find one with double stitching or at least one that does not gape when you stretch at the seams. 


Finally, choose a style that your little one likes and will make them feel good. If you have trouble deciding what swimwear style you should get for your child, here are some basic pieces. Start out with a simple one or two piece swim set or swim briefs. You can choose to stop there, but for extra UV protection, swim leggings are great for coverage till your ankles while Jammers hug up to the thighs for minimal drag. Take a look at this Dive & Sail fully covered one-piece for example!  Plus, rash guards are great if you’re trying to avoid getting a nasty sunburn. Make sure to choose one that’s not too thin and has good UV protection like this pretty Peach Rash Guard from NED Swim or this Swim Top from Speedo

If you get overwhelmed by the countless types, brands, and designs when shopping for your kids swimwear, check out NED Swim’s quality pieces which we love that will keep your kid comfortable and worry-free so they can focus on having a blast in the water! Find out more here